Start RMA Hydromet

RMA Hydromet will start on 1 February 2021. Rob ter Brake, a water professional with over 30 years of experience, manages this division of RMA that focuses on watermanagement.

Water and agriculture are inseparably linked. It is therefore a logical choice for RMA to expand its agricultural activities towards the water sector.

In recent years, Rob has successfully developed the water market for OTT Hydromet in the Netherlands. From the new RMA location in Hellendoorn, Rob remains a familiar face for customers. With RMA Hydromet, the support of OTT products in the water sector in the Netherlands is secured for the future.

RMA Hydromet focuses on smart water management and clean water. We translate the online and remotely collected measurements of, for example, water levels, flow, velocity, water quality and meteorological data into smart dashboards for practical use by water managers.