RMA Hydromet for smart water management. Don't miss out on that.

Nitrate sensor for RIVM

RMA Hydromet supplies a fully automatic sampling system to RIVM. This is an extremely compact solution that is completely powered by a small solar panel.

Precipitation record

Precipitation record Hellendoorn (NL), or not? Hellendoorn was in the news this week because a precipitation record would have been measured in July. 

Measuring sewage effluent

RMA Hydromet installed a contactless flow measurement at the sewage treatment plant in Leiden. The amount of effluent is precisely measured with the SVR100 and the RLS sensors.

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Collaboration TriOS

RMA Hydromet works together with TriOS. In recent weeks, this collaboration has been shaped up. As part of this process, RMA Hydromet visited the business location of TriOS, in Rastede, Germany. 

Demonstration site

To demonstrate all measuring instruments and techniques, RMA Hydromet is installing a demonstration site at the new office in Hellendoorn.

Start RMA Hydromet

RMA Hydromet will start on 1 February 2021. Rob ter Brake, a water professional with over 30 years of experience, manages this division of RMA that focuses on watermanagement.

Rhythm of the Rain

The 'Rhythm of the Rain' project receives a subsidy for the development of a system with local storage capacity, smart monitoring and predictive models.